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Challenges in Accepting Cashless
Payments for Vending Machine Operators

Expensive Equipment

Current cashless payment solutions & telemetry devices have high upfront and ongoing costs

Online Data Connection Fees

Existing cashless payment devices require expensive cellular data plans to function

Keeping up with changing technology

Frequent costs associated with upgrading modems and payment technology (e.g. 3G to 4G, Swipe to Chip)

Touchless Cashless vs. Current Cashless Solutions

Capabilties Competitors
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Patented Technology Does Not Require Cellular Data Connection Plan
Avoid Costly Modem and Payment Technology Upgrades
Collect Daily Sales Data from Machine with Every Transaction
Accepts Major Credit Cards, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay
Automate Refill Process, Picklist Generation, Machine Configuration
No Need for Customers to Touch Vending Machine
Communicate with Machine Wirelessly
Implement Customer Loyalty Programs & Collect Insights
Maintain Ownership of Sales & Consumer Data

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