Key Challenges in FSV

Manual & time-consuming replenishment process

Limited # of stops per route possible

Monetary Discrepancies & Shrinkage

Inaccurate forecasting and predictions

Out of Stocks

Frequent Physical Machine Errors

Specialized Knowledge Needed to Reconfigure Machine

Current telemetry technology is expensive

Data is not granular enough

  • Decrease machine replenishment time
  • More accurate sales predictions and forecasting
  • Greater financial accountability and less shrinkage
  • Increase number of machines serviced on a single route
  • Maximize time between machine visits
  • Fewer data errors
  • Track all money going in and out of the machine
  • Automatically create a replenishment pick list on the fly &
    pre-populate replenishment quantities & meter readings
  • Program the vending machine from a handheld device, no "6 button" knowledge required
  • Capture daily sales data autonomously for use in
    forecasting and route planning without an LTE connection
  • Easy for drivers to use & understand
  • Works with any Android or IOS device
  • Can be integrated with any existing backend system

Suelware VM-DEX® Device

Made in Austin, TX with globally sourced parts

VM-DEX® vs. Current Solutions

VM-DEX® Capabilties Competitors
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Allows Machine to Stay Offline (No Cellular Data Plan Required)
Immediate ROI via Enhanced Financial Accountability
Collect Daily Sales Data with Every Replenishment
Maintain Ownership of Data for Improved Reporting & Forecasting
Automate Refill Process with Picklist Generation
Allows Driver to Easily Reconfigure Machine
Communicate with Machine Wirelessly
Avoid Costly Modem Technology Upgrades
Wireless Firmware Updates